Med. Weter. 78 (3), 107-156, 2022

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Bluetongue virus in Europe: the current epidemiological situation Niedbalski W. [ summary ] 109
Application of high throughput sequencing in veterinary science Giza A., et al. [ summary ] 115
Zona pellucida in the process of fertilization and mammal embryonal development Jaworska-Adamu J., et al. [ summary ] 121
Practical importance of anti-predatory behavior research in keeping farm animals Janicka I., et al. [ summary ] 126


Comparison of the Vcheck and IMMULITE 2000 methods for T4 measurement in canine and feline serum Adaszek Ł., et al. [ summary ] 133
Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility of Listeria spp. isolated from bulk raw milk in north-eastern Poland M. Sołtysiuk, et al. [ summary ] 137
Lactobacillus casei‐fermented milk as an inhibitor on selected foodborne pathogens Onaran Acar B., et al. [ summary ] 142
Research on the duration of the electrocardiogram’s components in goats, during the pregnancy Ghiță M., et al. [ summary ] 148