Med. Weter. 78 (8), 367-422, 2022

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Immunomodulacja jako narzędzie ograniczające antybiotykoterapię w intensywnym chowie drobiu Tykałowski B., et al.[ summary ] 369


Surveillance for serum antibodies against serotypes O and A foot-and-mouth disease ... Xin J., et al.[ summary ] 376
Glutamate as an Neural Factor for the ex Vivo Release of Catecholamines from the Rabbit Hippocampus Kania B.F., et al.[ summary ] 383
Boric acid treatment effects on oxidant and antioxidant activities in ovariectomized rats Tekeli H., et al. [ summary ] 388
Changes in MMP-9 and MMP-2 and their inhibitors levels in the serum of cows with laminitis Jia H., et al.[ summary ] 393
Determination of values of selected biochemical parameters of haemolymph of free-living C... Ziętek J., et al. [ summary ] 397
Horses' perception of a threat posed by sounds of different origin Janicka W., et al. [ summary ] 401