Med. Weter. 78 (10), 479-538, 2022

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Eight years of African swine fever in Poland – an epidemiological analysis Pejsak Z., et al. [ summary ] 481
A new taxonomy of Leptospira in the genomic era Arent Z., et al. [ summary ] 489


Vaccination against gonadoliberin with Improvac influences adiponectin and leptin regulation ... Kotula-Balak M., et al. [ summary ] 497
Results of ultrasound-guided transvaginal collection of oocytes... Sanchez R., et al. [ summary ] 503
Analysis of work intensity in draft horses based on the heart rate recovery index Tischner M. jr, et al. [ summary ] 509
The research on a new materials in animals reproduction and a new type of embryo transfer catheter in pig. Wieczorek J., et al. [ summary ] 513
Influence of storage at 5°C and vitrification on apoptotic changes in equine blastocysts Okólski A., et al. [ summary ] 521
Diverse effect of in ovo treatment with metaloestrogen - selenium on chick testis histology and estrogen signaling Pardyak L., et al. [ summary ] 526