Med. Weter. 78 (11), 539-594, 2022

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The impact of stress on the functioning of the immune system… Siemińska K., et al. [ summary ] 541
The 3R rules in practice. Improvement of welfare, reduction of the number… Sornat R., et al. [ summary ] 548


Assessment of the microbiological quality and bactericidal properties … Żebracka A., et al. [ summary ] 556
NRAMP1 gene polymorphism association to the Ukrainian Large White … Vashchenko P., et al.. [ summary ] 563
Postmortem diagnosis of gunshot injuries in great black… Felsmann M.Z. [ summary ] 567
Influence of the level of anxiety on the eating behavior of sheep Sokołowski J., et al. [ summary ] 577


Case of cutaneous sterile pyogranuloma/granuloma syndrome in a Standard Schnauzer Aleksiewicz R., et al. [ summary ] 581
Case of polydactyly in a foal Górski K., et al. [ summary ] 584