Med. Weter. 79 (2), 57-108, 2023

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Complications following extraction of cheek teeth in horses. Marcinek M., et al. [ summary ] 59
Possibilities of reducing fearfulness and stress in horses by prophylactic methods... Budzyńska M., et al. [ summary ] 65


Efficacy of an Internal Teat Sealant Alone or in Combination with an Intramammary…. M. Öney, et al. [ summary ] 72
Congenital anomaly cases in calves Sağlam K., et al. [ summary ] 77
Comparison of the blood gas analyser Edan i15 Vet with the blood Metin M., et al. [ summary ] 83
Occurrence of the selected parasites and viral infections in horses and donkeys in Turkey Baydar E., et al. [ summary ] 91
Parasitological monitoring of European bison in the West Pomeranian Demiaszkiewicz A.W., et al. [ summary ] 99