Med. Weter. 79 (11), 543-596, 2023

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Influence of fermented feeds on the microbiome of the gastrointestinal tract ... Grela E.R. et al. [ summary] 545


Acute-phase proteins and blood parameters as potential additional markers ... Didkowska A. et al. [ summary] 549
Microbiological status of smoked fish placed on the market ... Ziomek M., et al. [ summary] 553
Current methods of treatment gingivostomatitis in cats, with insight into ... Kiraga Ł. et al. [ summary] 557
Mutations and polymorphisms in mitochondrial genome of dogs ... Ziółkiowska K. et al. [ summary] 566
Investigation of protective effects of Harpagophytum ... Erkek M., et al. [ summary] 573
Serum interleukin content and lipid metabolism in cows ... Kibkało D., et al. [ summary] 582


Tarsocrural arthrodesis using K-wires and crosspinning technique ... Morawska-Kozłowska M., et al. [ summary] 587