Med. Weter. 6767

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The use of own stent construction as an alternative to partial cervical resection in the treatment of closed pyometra in mares
In this study, the author presents the results of effective treatment of closed pyometra in mares with cervical adhesions, using a stent of his own construction. A 17-year-old mare, breed S.P., was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of closed pyometra caused by cervical obstruction as a result of adhesions inside its lumen. After confirming the diagnosis, the cervical adhesions were manually separated and about 20 l of purulent discharge was leveraged from the uterus. In the following days, the uterus was treated for inflammation by rinsing it with 0.05% betadine solution. These treatments were repeated every other day, 4 times. On the last day of treatment, 500 mg of cefapyrin was administered intrauterine, and a stent constructed of two trimmed and appropriately connected Pezzer catheters was inserted into the cervix. The mare underwent a clinical check-up after 3 weeks and then at 3 and 8 months after stent insertion. During this period, the stent remained in place, and ultrasound showed only a scant amount of non-echoic discharge in the lumen of the uterus.
Key words: mare, cervical adhesions, pyometra, stent