Med. Weter. 79 (6), 302-308, 2023

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The effects of vitamin E on T cell subsets and immunoglobulin-containing plasma cells in the spleen of heat-stressed broiler chickens
iven a bird’s underdeveloped lymph vessels and lymph nodes, the spleen is of the utmost importance in the avian immune system. Broiler chickens can be subjected to heat stress (HS), which causes an increase in mortality, a decrease in feed intake, body weight gain, and hatchability. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant for cells, but there is limited information about how heat stress affects spleen tissue in chickens and how vitamin E can change this effect. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the effects of vitamin E based on the location of subpopulations of T cells and immunoglobulin-producing plasma cells in the spleens of broiler chickens subjected to HS. The results indicated that vitamin E supplementation in the broiler chicken diet could increase the population of immune system cells in heat-stressed chickens. The findings of this study could be used as a reference for the development of management strategies for broiler chickens, especially in countries with a hot climate.
Keywords: avian, heat stress, plasma cell, spleen, T cell, vitamin E