Medycyna Wet. 61 (10), 1114-1118, 2005
Dybus A., Pijanka J., Szatkowska I., Zych S.
LDH-A gene as an indicator of the flight efficiency of homing pigeons
Homing pigeon flights are exciting sport for millions of breeders all over the world. The natural goal of a breeder is to obtain birds which will achieve top places in competition flights. The identification of genes which influence the homing ability of racing pigeons is essential in breeding these birds for sporting purposes. Lactate conversion in their organisms is a complex problem. Oxidation of lactate in skeletal muscles is one of the ways it is utilized. These processes may influence the velocity and physical endurance of pigeons during many-hour long flights; variations in the structure of the LDH-A gene can diversify these traits in racing pigeons.
Keywords: lactate dehydrogenate, homing ability, homing (racing) pigeon