Med. Weter. 73 (12), 819-825, 2017

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Monika Ziomek, Krzysztof Szkucik, Monika Maćkowiak-Dryka, Waldemar Paszkiewicz, Łukasz Drozd, Renata Pyz-Łukasik
Veterinary regulations for obtaining and processing edible snails
For many years Poland has been a highly recognized producer and supplier of Cornu aspersum (Cornu aspersum aspersum, Cornu aspersum maxima) and Helix pomatia snails in European markets. Exports include both live snails and snail-derived food products such as snail meat and eggs. Slime, used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, is another economically significant snail-derived product. This paper presents standardized terminology for farm snails and outlines regulations concerning snail farming, trade, processing plants and snail meat obtained. The current results of microbiological studies of snail meat obtained in Poland are shown as well. The analysis conducted in this paper indicates the need to clarify legislation, especially with regard to snail farming, and to elaborate regulations on snail meat processing....
Key words: edible snail, snail farming, snail meat processing, law