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The therapeutic effects of cardiac glycosides Kania B. F. [digitized ] 772
Vaccination of fish against aeromonads septicemia (MAS) Kozińska A. [digitized ] 777


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Diseases in selected apiaries in Poland Sokół R. [digitized ] 785
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The influence of CIDR-B and hCG on pregnancy results in recipient cows Urbaniak K., Jaśkowski J. M. [digitized ] 793
The influence of follicle puncture on folliculogenesis in nonstimulated cows or those stimulated with a limited dose of PMSG Max A. [digitized ] 798
Histopathological changes and expression of latency-related RNA in the central nervous systems of mice latently infected with a field isolate of
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Evaluating the immunogenicity of vaccines against goose pasteurellosis through using the ELISA method Kędrak A., Borkowska-Opacka B.,
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Restriction profiles of Polish isolates of equine herpes virus type 1 .Rola J. [digitized ] 813
Alopevac vaccine in prophylactics and controlling trichophytosis in rabbits Kostro K., Gliński Z., Wojcicka-Lorenowicz K., Gacek L.,
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