Med. Weter. 73 (5), 284-288, 2017

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Zafer Yazici, Semra Gumusova, Cuneyt Tamer, Abdurrahman A. Cagirgan, Ayhan Akman, Emre Ozan, Hamza Kadi, Hasan S. Palanci, and Harun Albayrak
Molecular identification and phylogenetic analysis of non-cytopathic bovine viral diarrhea virus isolate obtained from a local respiratory outbreak in Northern Turkey
In February 2016, a local respiratory disease outbreak with two fatalities was reported in Samsun, Turkey. A non-cytopathic bovine viral diarrhea virus (ncp-BVDV) was identified from the organ and leucocyte samples of dead juvenile heifers using RT-PCR with specific primers for the NS2/3 gene coding region. The NS2/3 gene of BVDV was sequenced and compared with other published sequences of BVDV. The sequences of our isolate which was named as Samsun TR, had 81–83% nucleotite (nt) identity for BVDV-1. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that Samsun-TR was closely related to LC089875 (Japan), AF526381 (China) and also shared 83% nucleotide(nt) identity with them. The NS2/3 gene sequence of Samsun-TR was deposited in the GenBank database with the accession number of KX428495.
Key words: BVDV, RT-PCR, phylogenetic analysis, nucleotide sequence, ELISA