Med. Weter. 73 (10), 671-674, 2017

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Bernard Turek, Roma Buczkowska, Bartłomiej Obrochta, Kamil Górski, Olga Drewnowska
Intramural hematoma in the jejunum as a cause of colics in horses
Colics in horses are a common problem, which can be life-threatening for the animal, depending on the type and severity of the disease. The case described in this article concerns surgically treated intramural hematoma of the jejunum in a 3-year-old Arabian mare. Medial laparotomy was performed in dorsal recumbency under general anesthesia. During the exploration of the abdominal cavity, highly filled intestinal loops were found along with intramural hematoma located in the jejunum. A resection of the intestinal part with extravasation was performed, and the content of the small intestine was evacuated. The postoperative treatment consisted of intravenous and general antibiotic therapy as well as intensive fluid therapy for the next 5 days. The abdominal cavity was flushed two times a day with a warm physiological solution containing heparin. After 3 days the drain was removed. After the treatment the mare returned to full health.
Key words: horses, jejunum, colic, intramural hematoma