Medycyna Wet. 58 (4), 270-274, 2002
Kołodziejczyk P., Stankiewicz I., Porowski M., Pejsak Z.
Effectiveness of Lydium KLP in treating coliform mastitis in sows and mixed respiratory infections in swine
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Lydium KLP (containing methyl/prophylparabanate as a preservative) in the treatment of sows with coliform mastitis symptoms and piglets with mixed infections in the respiratory system. Experiments were performed in one large-scale and three medium-scale pig farms with closed reproductive cycles L, R, M and G. 100 sows with coliform mastitis symptoms and 200 piglets with pathological symptoms in the respiratory system were chosen from each farm. Animals in the control group (50 sows and 100 piglets in each farm) were treated with an antibiotic only, whereas animals in the experimental groups received an antibiotic + Lydium KLP (50 sows and 100 piglets in each farm). Lydium KLP at a dose of 0.02 mg/kg of body weight was applied once immediately following registration of the first symptoms of coliform mastitis. The antibiotic was applied depending on whether the clinical symptoms showed signs of regression (min three injections). The study indicated the positive effect of Lydium KLP on sows having MMA symptoms as well as on piglets with disease symptoms typical for PRDC. Despite the varying degrees of its effectiveness, animals treated with Lydium KLP showed a speedier regression of clinical signs, much higher percentage rate of recoveries and lower percentage of defective and dead animals compared to the control groups.
Keywords: Lydium KLP, swine, coliform mastitis, PRDC