Medycyna Wet. 59 (2), 124-127, 2003
Wiśniewski E., Czerwonka Z., Czerwonka B.
Usefulness of a lysosyme dimmer in treating endometritis in mares
Studies were conducted on 90 mares with endometriosis. The animals were divided into 3 equal clinical-study groups: L - treated with a Lysosyme dimmer (Lydium – KLP – NIKA Health Products), LA – treated using a combined method (Lydium – KLP with antibiotics) and A – treated with antibiotics. The mares underwent clinical examinations before starting therapy as well as 14 days after treatment, and endometrial smears for cytological and bacteriological examinations were carried out simultaneously. The animals were treated only locally: L and LA groups twice every 48 hours and A group 3 times every 48 hours. Amongst the 90 mares with endometriosis – 89 were cytological positive and 70 were bacteriologically positive. After the first treatment, the best results were noted in the animals treated by the Lysosyme dimmer (group L), where 20 mares (66.67%) conceived. After the first and second treatment, the best results were noted after using the combined method (group LA), where 22 mares (73.33%) conceived. Both L and A groups had similar results – 20 mares (66.67%) conceived.
Keywords: mares, endometriosis, treatment