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Current status of bluetongue in Europe Niedbalski W. [ summary ] 467
role of proinflammatory cytokines and growth factors in skeletal muscle regeneration Milewska M., Grzelkowska-Kowalczyk K. [ summary ] 472
Methods of prolonging a pregnancy threatened with preterm labour Dobrzyński A., Max A., Jurka P. [ summary ] 479


Comparison between the usefulness of preparations: Acid Pla Tan Liquid and Efektywne Mikroorganizmy in the control of Nosema spp. infection
in bees
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Number of spermatozoa in the spermatheca of honey bee queens inseminated with small doses of semen and kept in an incubator in cages
with different numbers of workers
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Influence of inbreeding on the incidence of cryptorchidism in males of Lowland-line bison Czykier E., Dackiewicz J., Krzysiak M., Cholewski M.,
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[ summary ] 491
Development of a competitive lateral flow immunoassay for progesterone in dairy cows’ milk Chuang Xu, Wei Yang, Cheng Xia, Ling Wu,
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Relationships between ruminal Gram-positive bacteria and methane from lactating dairy cows supplemented with monensin and tallow,
alone or in combination
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Genetic variability of farmed fur animals of the Canidae family assessed by nuclear and mitochondrial DNA analysis Nisztuk-Pacek S. [ summary ] 505
Rabies in Lublin Voivodeship: Effectiveness of prophylactic vaccination of free-living foxes and its impact on wild animal population
in the last decade
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[ summary ] 520